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The industry association websites are definitely worth visiting both for overseas buyers and sellers. You can find the following information on the website of industry associations:
a. industry regulation and policy
c. publications where you can find reliable suppliers and advertise to reach potential buyers
d. news and leads
e. reliable member companies information
f. industry exhibition and trade fair information
g. other datas and documents

As we have mentioned in another article(where to reach realiable Chinese buyers and sellers), other than attending China trade fair to meet suppliers and buyers face to face, it will be always safer to
build business relationship with member companies listed on industry association than other "company" you come across on B2B websites.

We think it will make it easier for our visitors if we can compile a relative complete list/directory of industry associations in China. We are going to add any new association websites as long as we find any resources we have neglected.

China National Garment association 
China Iron and Steel Association  
China Leather Industry Association
China Machine Tool and Tool Builders' Association    
China Plastic Machine Industry Association
China Die & Mould Industry Association 
China Plastics Processing Industry Association
China National Furniture Association  (Chinese)
China Optometric & Optical Association  
China Cement Association  (Chinese)
China Toy Association 
China Musical Instruments Association
China Logistics Association   (Chinese)
China National Hardware Association   (Chinese)
China Bicycle Association  (Chinese)
China Packaging Federation  
China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine
China Feather and Down Industrial Association
China Print Association  (Chinese)
China Paper Association  (Chinese)
China Arts & Crafts Association
China Association of Fragrance Flavor and Cosmetic Industries
China Fisheries Association  (Chinese)

Those marked in Chinese means they only have Chinese sites.

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3 Responses to " China Industry associations directory "

  1. nilesh gandhi on  NOV   3th , 2012 3:36 AM

    R sir
    we want a china all item manufacturer email address for contact of further business , i thing in yiwu is larges market of world but there is direction books for buyer, if we are come china for bussiness we don't know where want to go. if you provide directory of industry it is very easy for us

    nilesh gandhi +91 8888833666

  2. Steven on  JUL   14th , 2008 22:56 PM

    Yes, they are very bureaucratic. Usually we can use industry association website to learn the industry policy and regulation, as well as the information of buyer and seller.

  3. anilo on  JUL   10st , 2008 22:28 PM

    I tried to ask for help from some of that Chinese Associations, but usually they are not so professional: only my idea, or do you have some other comparisons?

    Shanghai Domestic Electronics Association-
    tel 0086-21-65661637-
    fax 0086-21-65671202-

    Guangdong Domestic Electronics Association-GUANGZHOU(Guangdong)-
    tel 0086-20-38468561-fax 0086-20-38468756-

    Nanjing Domestic Electronics Association-NANJING(Jiangsu)-
    tel 0086-25-84418888-fax 0086-25-84205289-

    Shenzhen Household Electrical Appliances Association-SHENZHEN(Guangdong)- tel 0086-755-83323989-fax 0086-755-83325220-

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