Source Chinese suppliers with google advanced search commands

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Everyone use search engine to search Chinese suppliers, but I am not sure that everyone is familiar with the advanced search command you could use to source suppliers accurately.

We are sourcing faucets for a South American buyers, combined with suppliers sourced from other platforms, we need to find a list of Chinese faucets suppliers in possible shortest time.

If you search “faucet supplier china”, you find in the search result, the sell leads from trade portal ranks high, it is very difficult to find the website of real faucets suppliers or factories.

If you search with google advanced command like “fauct inurl:cn”, or “Zhejiang faucet inurl:cn”, out of top ten search result, 6 results are the websites of faucet suppliers in China. If you are looking for cheap faucets, you can add “Zhejiang faucet” in the search command.

The other variation of the search commands are:
“intitle:Zhejiang faucet”
“inurl:faucet cn”

If you are searching Indian faucet supplier, you could use:
“Faucet inurl:in”

The search command “inurl:cn” was used to find out Chinese suppliers, however, using this search command if the suppliers didn’t use cn in their domain name, then you can’t find them out.

You could use advanced search function to solve this issue. After click advanced search, you choose the region to be China, and use the search command “inurl:faucet” or “intitle:faucet”, in that way, you should be able to search out relative complete list of faucet suppliers in China.

To learn more about google advanced search command, visit here.

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