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The majority of shoes suppliers in China are gathered in the following region: Jinjiang(sports shoes), Wenzhou(leather shoes), Guangzhou and Chengdu(women fashion shoes). In this article, we will introduce the top shoes wholesale market in this regions.

Fujian Jinjiang Shoes Wholesale Market

Footwear industry is a traditional industry in Jinjiang, Fujian Province. Started in early 80s, experienced changes from small to large scale and from workshops to modern enterprises, the footwear industry is now in a mature stage of standard factory, modern management, serial production and scale benefit, and become a major shoe making base nation wide and a manufacture base of travel and sports shoes world wide. In March 2001, Jinjiang city was jointly named as Shoe City of China by four organizations including China Leather & Footwear Industry Research Institute.

There are over 3000 enterprises producing and selling shoes in Jinjiang with employees exceeding 350 thousand, annual output approaching 500 million pairs and annual revenue about 3 billion yuan. It has also raised a batch of renowned national brands such as Anta, Aile, Sanxing, etc, as well as a batch of export-oriented enterprises including Athletic, Guohui, Hengren and Aiqi.

Footwear in Jinjiang is featured as various in category and complete in specification. There are hundreds of categories and specifications including sports shoes, travel shoes, leather shoes, sandals, galoshes, casual shoes, fashion shoes as well as hiking boots, handwork beading slippers, skates and boots, of which sports and travel shoes account for more than 60% of total output in Jinjiang and 1/4 in China. Among China’s top 20 sports & travel shoes manufacturers in terms of annual revenue in 2000, 8 were from Jinjiang.

No developed footwear wholesale markets have been formed in Jinjiang yet. Most enterprises choose to negotiate and exhibit inside their factories, while purchasers pick up goods directly at site. However, the advertising boards are everywhere in Jinjiang, thus formed a strong wholesale atmosphere. Shoes purchasers are from all over China even overseas, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Fuzhou, Xiamen and US, Japan, East Europe, and Southeast Asia. Jinjiang’s yearly wholesale income of shoes is 7 billion yuan, while export income reaches 730 million dollars.

Jinjiang’s Footwear industry brought prosperous development to the markets of shoes materials and machines. The important footwear town, Chendai, has formed a Shoe-Material Street as long as several kilometers, which integrates together wholesale, retail, storage and transportation of shoe materials and accessories and machine exhibition as well. The market extends 1km long with over 300 companies whose products covering all kinds of shoe-materials and machines. 2 billion yuan annual turnover makes it one of the largest shoe material markets in east of China.

Almost all materials needed in producing leather and sports shoes such as sole, leather, metal buckles, tags and resin could be found in the Street. Most operators in shoe-material business are local enterprises while operators of shoe machines are mainly agents or representatives settled here by brand companies of other places. Buyers are mainly shoemaking enterprises from Jinjiang, Quanzhou, Shishi, Putian and Fuzhou. The monthly rent of stores here ranges from 40 to 60 yuan per square meter.

Guangzhou Footwear Wholesale Market
Xinhua Footwear Town (XFT) is a large-scale shoes trading market approved by Guangzhou government. It sits 200 meters next to the Nanzhou Flyovers on South Guangzhou Avenue. Since opened in 1997, with supports of customers and manufacturers from various regions, it has now been developed to a professional footwear wholesale market with the provincial largest scale, the widest product range and the most convenient traffic.

The radiation of XFT covers the whole Pearl River Delta, spreads to all parts of China and reaches abroad. Over 300 stores were arranged inside the Town that has a complete product range including ball shoes from Fujian, sandals from Wuchuan, leater shoes from Wenzhou and Chongqing, etc. Gathered various shoes manufacturers, XFT is famous for its large scale, rich types and excellent services.
XFT possesses a strictly disciplined and well trained security team that patrol the Town 24 hours a day. With over five years of development, the market has been fully equipped with exhibition rooms, negotiation rooms, foreign trade rooms, banks and conference rooms as well as Internet so that the customers could have their export trading done conveniently. It also facilitated with large parking areas and transportation teams accessing to all parts of China so as to ensure the convenience and fast speed for customers.

Shoes in the market such as children shoes, sandals, galoshes and sneakers have radiate the whole Canton province and been sold far away to Southeast and Middle East Asia, Europe and America.

Wenzhou Zhenan Shoe-Material Market

As famous for its leather manufacturing, Wenzhou is an important manufacture and export base for leather products. Currently it has almost 1000 shoe leather enterprises that created 36.8 billion yuan annual output value in 2003 accounting for 20% of national market share. Four of them were awarded Well-Known Trade Marks and four were granted as King of Genuine Leather. In August, 2002, the China National Light Industry Council officially named Wenzhou as China Shoe City (CSC). CSC Shoe Leather Museum, CSC Technology Development Center and CSC College of Technology were then established in Wenzhou. Wenzhou shoe leather industry has found position in China for its competitive scale, professional and cooperative system, highly concentrated brand groups, marketing networks to all directions and unique and profound regional culture.

Zhenan Shoe-Material Market (ZSMM) is the largest raw material supplying base for shoe leather industry of Wenzhou. Its establishment was approved in 1998 by Zhejiang Administration for Industry and Commerce (ZAIC) and Wenzhou government. The second phase opened in May 2002 while the third was put into use at the end of 2004. The market had a sale of 664 million yuan thus handed over 120 million tax in 2003. The market locates in the west part of Wenzhou Market Region, 4km away from CSC industrial park. To its north is an intersection of Lucheng Road that is the main street in urban area and Dongou Bridge, while to its south is 104 National Highway. The market has a total area of 97400m2, of which the building area is 86400m2 facilitated with 1139 independent stores. Region A covers 41043m2 with 46392m2 building areas and 599 stores; Region B covers 13000m2 with 13073m2 building areas and 61 stores; Region C 43355m2 with 40000m2 building area and 400 stores respectively.

The market has a complete range of products including shoe leather, shoemaking auxiliary materials, shoemaking machines, chemical products for shoes, soles and buckles, shoe wrap materials, designs and technical enquiry services. For customers’ convenience, the market is equipped with service organizations in the aspects of industry and commerce, taxes, public securities and banks, all applying closed management. As a result of Wenzhou Mode, ZSMM was granted by government as the largest shoe material market in Wenzhou by government and honored as a high class civilized normative market by ZAIC. The superior location, convenient traffic, well-equipped facilities, comprehensive service and flexible mechanism make it an ideal place for shoe-material sellers.

Business scope: shoe leather, shoemaking auxiliary materials, shoemaking machines, chemical products for shoes, soles and buckles, shoe wrap page, design of shoes and technical enquiry service

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  1. fahmi mubarak on  MAY   22th , 2014 18:45 PM

    hi i am regular visitor of china looking for shoes. i have been to guangzhou and jinjiang but i havent been to wenzhou. I found jinjiang is more exciting as i can visit many factories and see ranges of shoes i am interested in. I can also see when my orders is being produced.

    People here rarely speak english, i would say one in a million even youth does not even understand English, but people here are warm and welcome. It is advisable for you to bring exact physical sample or picture when you would like to make some orders right in the factory.

    Prepare small cash as you will rely on bus or taxi as jinjiang does not have metro or subway like in guangzhou or shenzhen.

  2. toochi-okoenyi cynthia on  JUN   23th , 2013 12:23 AM

    Hi,want to start up a shoe business in Nigeria and would like to meet trusted small quantity manufacturers/wholeesalers in china for both women/children quality,low-price shoes. Thanks and earnestly waiting your soonest reply

  3. Fred from you . on  JUN   9th , 2013 5:19 AM

    Can please someone else help me.
    I want to buy some Jordan from china axacly Guangdong province.. But I am not sure if this company is really or fake. Because there's plat of fake shops online selling Jordans. Can please someones advice me this post code 51808 is this company and a address is true.
    Street: Guangzhou city
    Guangdong province.
    Please help me.
    Thanks Regards

  4. eckie on  JUN   1th , 2013 5:26 AM

    I am an online wholesale buyer.
    please can you give me some verified trade websites of shoes and women fashion I can visit and buy from?

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    i want chif stock shoes

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    hi we need to open store for shoes whhat we can do we leave in usa az chandler we need good prise.

  7. ivy xie on  AUG   21th , 2012 22:38 PM

    hi sudhir sood,

    This is Ivy. I am familiar with all the wholesale market in Guangzhou and been as a interpreter and sourcing for 8 years.I think i can help you.

    pls contact me for more information.

    kind regards

  8. Market Research China on  AUG   3th , 2012 2:46 AM

    The best shoe wholesales are almost all in south part of China, for example Guangzhou and Shenzhen.The market has a complete range of products including shoe leather, shoemaking auxiliary materials, shoemaking machines, chemical products for shoes, soles and buckles, shoe wrap materials, designs and technical enquiry services.

  9. sudhir sood on  OCT   9th , 2011 22:50 PM

    Very good knowledge provided by you, kindly guide from where to buy nonwoven insol sheets, shoe material & shoe assories &shoe fabric nonwoven cloth
    orient overseas
    sudhir sood

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