Counterfiet product and scammer

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I have recently read an post on Chinaexpat, a guy complain that he thought he could buy cheap electronics in China before he come to china as EVERYTHING IS MADE IN CHINA, but after he comes, he found electronics here are more expensive than in Europe, he is quite puzzled about that.

I bet what he is looking at must be brand electronics which is not originated from China, like Dell computers, Nokia mobile phone, Sony Play Station, etc, it is a common sense that Foreign Brand products(including electronics) are sold in China no cheaper than in western country, if not more expensive. As the dealer/importer have to add tariff and shipping expense onto the cost of products, so in most case, the foreign brand products in china are more expensive.

Someone will argue that most brand maker have set up a manufacturing base in China or have a manufacturer partner in China to do the OEM for them, so could that possibly make the brand products cheaper in china? The answer is no. The brand company will sign a contract to prohibit the local manufacturer to distribute, sell or resell the brand products locally, and / or disclose any confidential information to third party before they enter into cooperation relationship. So the local manufacturer are not qualified and dare not to sell the brand products publicly or secretly awaring that such act could not only risk to lose the big customer and business, but also make them bankruptcy. Also the brand company are not silly enough as to set up a pricing strategy that their products are sold at extremely low price in China that even after they are exported to western country they still enjoy great price advantage.

However, there are so many "venders" on alibaba and so many ecommerce site in China(well not only in china) sell brand products at extremely low price, how could they get original brand products at such a low price? The answer is very simple: they are counterfeited or refurnished. Search alibaba forum and search ask steven forum, you will find that those who try to buy brand products from china end up either being scammed or receiving counterfeited products.

Facing the increasingly pressure and critique from western countries, China customs are taking serious and strict methods to inspect and detain counterfeit brand products. So if you pay the money and still don't get your products, other than being scammed, chances are your products have been detained by China Customs.

It is interestingly enough to find out that most brand product scammers are coming from Putian, Fujian province. If you happen to be scammed by a Putian scammer, please contact Putian Cyber Police here.

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14 Responses to " Counterfiet product and scammer "

  1. China import on  FEB   25th , 2013 23:20 PM

    Come on people, dont buy from crappy chinese websites. Its prety clear that stuff is fake and bad quality. Big brands like Apple have their whole supply chain controlled. You simply cant get the stuff at any discount.

    Maybe someone could post a website here where all tradefairs in China or even Asia are displayed for consumer electronics. I wonder what trade fairs are there in Shanghai on regular basis.

  2. Sergey on  NOV   21th , 2012 3:40 AM

    Good day!
    I have information about the company is offering its services for the sale of electronics,
    but after the money was sent soother.
    I propose to place the information about them on your site.
    Sincerely Sergey.

  3. Sergey on  NOV   21th , 2012 3:38 AM

    Good day!
    I have information about the company is offering its services for the sale of electronics (; contact person:bonnie liu;,
    but after the money was sent soother.
    I propose to place the information about them on your site.
    Sincerely Sergey.

  4. apple on  MAR   29th , 2012 9:56 AM

    what if the company in china listed in HKGOV website and its written LIVE is it legal company?

  5. Robert Kleinschmidt on  JAN   1th , 2012 23:39 PM

    I have found a serious patter for most of those who say they are being ripped off! I too fell prey to cheap USB and Epad from I can share the details but one thing that caught my attention with a little homework is that the server for most of the sites people are claiming scams are exactly the same. The servers are as follows:

    Take the time to check yours and others. The authorities can track the owner if you claim is big enough and if you are willing to go to China!!
    I am going there in two weeks and have a big suprise coming for the person who scammed me.

    For those who are new to this go to:

    and insert the domain of your cheater. If the servers match up you are one step closer to knowing you have been had!!

    If you see the same pattern pass it around to other sites quickly.

    Also one other Patter you can test. If you look for a product on Alibaba Send out One request and wait to see how many returns you get. You will notice that you often get many replies from sites that have no relationship to Alibaba. The site you requested front your email to dummy ripoff sites.
    Then check the servers as above WALAH!!




  6. Omar on  MAR   30rd , 2011 0:55 AM

    Thanks for this information is very helpfull.
    I want to buy clothes I will findout about that too.

  7. Hemant Patel on  FEB   12th , 2010 19:13 PM

    I am very happy today to see all these most imortant things ralted for doing business in China.I am very much thankful to you and giving you special honour for your hard work for public interest.God Bless You ! Keep it up.

  8. Kaitlyn on  JAN   21th , 2010 12:30 AM

    The following website is a SCAMMER!
    Their email addresses are,, I paid $800 thru paypal. I never received my camera and i-phone!
    They gave me a fake EMS tracking number! Never buy from this company. They will call you to convince you, but they will not communicate with you after you pay them. They will give you the tracking number after you paid. BUT this tracking number is FAKE!

  9. Tyas on  DEC   19th , 2008 23:25 PM

    Putian Cyber Police ?

    How to contact them? It was written in China? I can't read any of them?

    I was feel insecure, yet you charged too expensive for verified the company... :D

  10. Steven on  APR   14th , 2008 8:55 AM

    Hi Moe,

    If you are going to buy brand mobile like Nokia in china, then it must be fake or refurnished(many suppliers call their refurnished mobile original, the refurnished ones have original components, but have replaced some core components like battery to make it cheap, they don't have license and you don't get after-sale service from Nokia. For mobile, China have many local brand, good quality and cheap, like Bird, Konka, TCL, so on and so forth.

    Or you can't buy original Iphone from China, but you maybe are interested in copycat like Meizu.

  11. Moe on  APR   14th , 2008 6:28 AM

    so what type of product would i be able to buy from china and make profit in the US , if everything is fake and/or not original ?? i was about to purchase some Electronics and thanks god I went through your Forum

    you are great

  12. Steven on  FEB   27th , 2008 15:3 PM

    Hi Mayday and Gareth, thanks for your nice word, please keep checking out.

  13. MayDay on  NOV   21th , 2007 6:11 AM

    Thank you, it is very useful article

  14. Gareth on  OCT   20nd , 2007 7:12 AM

    I am the first one to leave a comment??? really informative, Steven, Keep up good work.

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