Buying small quantity from china: things you should know

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China is world factory. Buying directly from factory is cheap. But you will find it is not an easy job and enjoyable experience to buy small quantity from Chinese factory. In this article, we will guide you how and where you could buy small volume from china.

Chinese factories set high MOQ

Small business buyers don’t buy container or thousands of goods to test the water. You might need to buy 100 pairs of shoes, 50 USB, 5 computers etc. Factories will ignore your inquiry if your quantity is so small, which don’t reach their minimum order quantity.

In this case, I would suggest to buy from wholesaler, not trying to buy from the factories directly. The price from wholesalers in China are also very competitive, in some cases, will be cheaper than buying direct from factory.

For example, if you are buying apparel from China, you should definitely visit. the top apparel wholesale market in China(such as Sijiqing in Zhejiang, Baima in Guangzhou). If you want to buy electronics products, buy from Shenzhen wholesale market

Where you could buy small volume online

Aliexpress is a perfect place for small quantity purchase, aliexpress is set up by alibaba group, the sellers of aliexpress mostly are sellers on alibaba, so they are reliable(have been verified by alibaba). Most of all, they sell small quantity.

Some products are not suitable for small quantity purchase

Products like electronics are perfect items for small volume purchase, but you don’t buy a few chairs of tables or chairs directly from China, buy from your local suppliers, otherwise the international shipping overhead will make your products unsellable shipping all the way back to your country.


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  1. toochi-okenyi cynthia on  JUN   23th , 2013 12:7 AM

    Good day sir/madam,my name is cynthia from Nigeria and I am thinking of buying shoes in small quantity from china,would pls want to know to gpo about it. I am just starting up and I need trusted links/contacts to help me through this. Thanks for your soonest reply

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    Good day Sir/Madam

    My names are Nosakhare Collins from nigeria. the Managing Director of NOSA D GREAT ENTERPRISE. i was looking for a place where i can buy good in samall quantity through the internet them i find this site, can you please tell me on how to go about what i want to buy, and also let me know how i can place order online for the exact goods i will like to buy.

    my telephone:+2348078539938

    Regards Nosakhare Collins

  3. blank apparel on  OCT   14th , 2011 10:5 AM

    Are the companies listed and verified by alibaba likely to cover shipping?

  4. wholesale blank apparel on  APR   25th , 2011 10:11 AM

    When starting a new business it is probably a good idea to start small. This article is useful because it gives us an idea of where to start.

  5. Rio on  APR   23th , 2011 17:16 PM

    Great thing!

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