This article is translated from a third party sourcing manager's dairy, it doesn't represent Chinawhy's opinion. But we think the perspective in his article is very helpful to overseas buyers, to understand and manage the relation with Chinese supplier.   Many overseas buyers told m […]

Electronics products sourcing in China: Things you need to know

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Electronic products are always best sellers on the market. With young people being the major consumer group, the electronic products are upgraded frequently. Among all enquires Chinawhy received, the electronic products sourcing inquiries has always been the most.   In sourcing electronic products […]

Letter of Credit Fraud

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Sorry, recently I have been posting too many negative posts on Chinawhy blog. A client ordered rapeseed oil but received 9 containers of water An Indian buyer received 2 containers of sand and mud instead of A4 paper Hackers break into email system of buyers and sellers to steal payment Hackers come […]

Hackers Come!!

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We have written an article entitled “IF SUPPLIER SEND YOU NEW BANK ACCOUNT WITH NEW EMAIL ADDRESS, BEWARE!!”, we warn if “your supplier” send new company account with new email account, beware, hold the payment, call the supplier to confirm the change of email and bank account. […]

Scam again!! The Chinese Supplier Sent Sand and Mud Instead of A4 Paper

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We just published a sad story of a polish client getting 9 containers water instead of rapeseed oil. Today we receive another sad email, an Indian client was cheated by a Chinese scammer, they ordered A4 paper, but the supplier sent SAND and MUD. The email itself made a story. Respected Sir, We […]

Chinese "Suppliers" Shipped Water While You Bought Sunflower Oil

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Recently we witnessed A LOT OF scam stories, sadly. This is another one. A buyer from Poland(Oil Refinery Plant) approached me to source crude rapeseed and sunflower oil for them, which they will use to produce biodiesel. The order is mega size, as the buyer is saying that they plan to buy 6000 tons pe […]

If supplier send you new bank account with new email address, beware!!

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This article is a real story. I have read similar stories in the Chinese supplier community quite a few times, but never expected that this could happen around me. So this article is a warning to all Chinawhy readers. We have been helping an old client(and friend) to buy machinery from a supp […]

3) Identify the scammer. Are they real company, fake company or offshore shell company in Hong Kong? Take action accordingly. I haven’t counted one by one, but I have an impression that many fraudulent suppliers are Hong Kong offshore companies. The scammers live and operate in one city of mai […]

I like to receive emails from readers, but I don’t like sad emails like “ I think I am scammed by a Chinese supplier, I made the payment, they never send products”. This hard fact remind you that this world is far from a perfect place. There is trap, tricks, bad and evil people, wh […]

4.Purchase top exporter list for your products from China Customs, stick with big suppliers only When coming to chemical trade, oftentimes, the purchase value can reach 1 million or even 10 million USD per order or per month. This is huge project. Many buyers will borrow loan from the bank to […]

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