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Why buyer should do factory audit before placing the order?

1)make sure supplier is real and legitimate company,not shell or fake company
2)make sure supplier is factory, not middle man
3)make sure supplier can deliver the products in the quality standard specified in contract by checking their production line and mass produced products on the production line
4)make sure supplier has proper quality control policy and record
5)make sure the owner and contact person are good business people and your orders are in good hand.
6)make sure the documents and certificates from supplier is authentic
7)make sure supplier has a good business standing by checking their export records on Chinawhy exclusive customs database, where we can check supplier's export record to 18 countries.

Read the following stories to know the risk of placing order without proper onsite verification

A client ordered rapeseed oil but received 9 containers of water
Indian buyer received 2 containers sand and mud instead of paper
Scams in the chemical industry in China
Letter of credit fraud - Supplier is actually an offshore company

Are there any resource online to inquiry for company registration information?

On nationwide level, there are not any official or commercial site offering service for nationwide online registration inquiry. On the provincial level, only 8 out of 31 official website of AIC(22 Provinces, 2 Autonomous Regions and 4 Centrally-Administered Municipalities, not include Taiwan, Hongkong and Macao), offer online information inquiry service. Among them, the AIC websites in Chongqing Centrally-Administered Municipality, Henan Province and Guizhou Province provide free online inquiry, the AIC websites in Liaoning Province, Guangdong Province, Inner Mongolia and Jiangxi Province provide online registration information inquiry service to paid members only, Jinlin Province allows users to inquiry by telephone(by dial 169166), that is only province that provide telephone inquiry. If you want to verify a company located in other 23 provinces, so far the only way out is to visit the local municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce.

Do make sure to read our series of China company verification tips before you enter into business with any Chinese suppliers:
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Sample China Company Verification Report By Chinawhy (take 20 seconds to load)

What Chinawhy supplier verification service include?

a) verify the documents and certificate
b) verify production line, equipments, labotary
c) verify quality policy and record of supplier
d) verify the sample
e) talk face to face to owner and contact
f) check the workshop, office, building, warehouse and facility
g) check on Chinawhy exclusive custom database to know the export record and business standing of the supplier; who is their clients; if they sell to your competitor;if they sell to big player in your country

Chinawhy Exclusive Custom Database

On Chinawhy Customs Database, we can check a Chinese supplier export record to the following 18 countries: US, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Honduras, Peru, Colombia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Ecuador, Argentina, Panama, Chile, Venezuela, Russia, Ukraine, Pakistan.

This countries including developed countries like US, emerging market like Russia, and the vast developing countries in South America and Central America.

So the export record of a supplier to these countries represent the business standing of a supplier.

screenshot of chinawhy customs database

We can find out:
1) If the supplier has export record to the 18 countries
2) Who they are selling to?
3) Do they sell to your competitors?
4) Do they have repeat order from client or just one deal and lose the client (Very Important Signal)

What we will deliver?
a) A comprehensive verification report
b) Videos and photos of supplier's facility, equipment, production process, quality control process, sample details, etc.
c) Export record to 18 countries

Production workshop video sample

Company verification work flow?

Customer place an order(fill out the company verification order sheet) Chinawhy send back a confirmation letter with payment routine within 24 hours Customer pay as per the payment route inspector visit the company site, check certificates, equipment, workshop, sample room and evaluate the production capacity and company scale inspector visit local administration of industry and commerce inspector conduct other supplementary verification inspector submit report as well as photo and document materials verification expert in Harbin check the initial report and write an official report we submit the official company verification report and photo documents.

Why choose chinawhy.net?

a) Chinawhy offers company verification service at most part of China, our network covers all the coastal regions and most part of inland China.
b) Since foundation in 2006, Chinawhy has provided supplier verification service to 800+ western clients, in 20+ industries.
c) We are Chinese local company, so we KNOW business and practise in China, that is our advantage compared with foreign owned verification company. They didn't know China.

Price for verification:
USD299 per company, we will submit to you an electronic report within 5 work days.

Please call 0086 181 451 88515 or email us at support@chinawhy.net for urgent inquiry.

Sample China company verification report