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When importing from China, buyers often need assistance the following areas:

Supplier verification
Price negotiation
Contract negotiation
Supplier relationship
Language and communication
Payment and accounting
Shipping and logistics
Legal and government matters

Imports from China is tricky even for senior buyers,from supplier development to shipping arrangement, from contract drafting to dispute settlement.

Advantages of Chinawhy Sourcing compared with other sourcing firms

1) Exclusive Customs Database
Over years, Chinawhy has acquired and developed the customs database of On Chinawhy Customs Database, we can check a Chinese supplier export record to the following 18 countries: US, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Honduras, Peru, Colombia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Ecuador, Argentina, Panama, Chile, Venezuela, Russia, Ukraine, Pakistan.

This countries including developed countries like US, emerging market like Russia, and the vast developing countries in South America and Central America.So the export record of a supplier to these countries represent the business standing of a supplier.

With this database, we can:
a. Identify top supplier list based on export record, those information you can't get through trade show meeting and factory visit
b. Identify who is leading suppliers for your products in China; Who do they sell to? If your competitors buy from them? Do they get repeat order from same buyer or just one deal and disappear? Do they sell to big player in your industry?

screenshot of chinawhy customs database

2) Chinawhy Exclusive Sourcing Software
With more than 10 years experience in sourcing industry, we know the challenges we are facing, limitation a normal sourcing staff will have. A sourcing staff normally can not contact more than 30 suppliers a day. So for most sourcing companies, they will contact 30 suppliers, and select a supplier out of which they have contacted. That way, you have high possibility of missing good and best suppliers just because you are not reaching them.

Chinawhy has hired engineer to develop a sourcing software with our sourcing specialists. So when our sourcing specialist contact 30 suppliers a day, the sourcing software controlled by our sourcing specialist will send our inquiry to 600 to 1000 suppliers, we are reaching to at least 20 times more suppliers than other sourcing agent.

screenshot of our sourcing software processing datas

Chinawhy have been providing professional product sourcing services for foreign small and medium sized enterprises since 2006. Chinawhy also enjoy the following advantages:
Chinawhy inhouse sourcing experts have in-depth knowledge and experience in most industries, such as apparel and textile, electronics, rubber and plastics products, construction products,etc.
Chinawhy's has a quality inspector networks all around the countries, in most coastal regions and in the major areas of middle west China, so we could provide on-site inspection service whenever the clients have QC requests
Chinawhy has cooperation relationship with hundreds of factories in different industries that we have worked with
Chinawhy started to provide sourcing service since 2006, so far we have served 300+ foreign companies buying from china on a regular base.

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Supplier Verification
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Chinawhy sourcing service flowchart:

Chinawhy Sourcing Service package includes:
1) Find reliable supplier
2) Price negotiation
3) Contract negotiation
4) Production follow-on
5) Quality Control
6) Shipping arrangement
Please call 0086 181 451 88515 or email us at support@chinawhy.net for urgent inquiry.